Author Visit Information

I am available for readings, conferences and school and library visits. While my appearances have mainly been in the Puget Sound area of Washington State, I will consider venturing further.

Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions about my author visits:

Why invite an author to my school, library or bookstore?

  • To introduce children to a real, live author and inspire young writers to make their own dreams come true.
  • To get the audience excited about reading and the beauty of words.
  • To help people understand the process of writing, revising and producing a finished book.
  • To honor goals and to convey the importance of perseverance and hard work.
  • To empower students and celebrate their writing by exploring the creative process with a professional.

Who is your audience?

  • For school visits, my best audience is a group of elementary students in grades 4, 5 or 6, but I make exceptions.
  • I give writing workshops to people of all ages.
  • I prefer to speak to relatively small groups (20-40 participants) in a comfortable setting – classroom, meeting room or conference room.

What do you talk about? Can you give program details?

  • Just about anything you want. I can hone my presentations to suit your needs. Here are some examples:
    • How I became a writer. I share my experiences growing up as an immigrant in a small Canadian town.
    • How a novel is created from idea to published book.
    • How to hone your writing craft.
    • How to use the writer’s “toolbox” to bring fiction to life with vivid, concrete detail and imagery, simile, metaphor, and conceit; and how to convey emotion in fiction.
    • I will do up to four presentations a day.

What are your speaking fees for an author visit?

  • My fees are sometimes negotiable, but here are general guidelines:
    •  WHOLE DAY fee (four presentations and lunch with students): $1,000 plus travel and expenses.
    • HALF DAY fee (two presentations): $500 plus travel and expenses.
    • ONE PRESENTATION: $300 plus travel and expenses.
    • EVENING PRESENTATION (for family reading nights and so on): $350 plus travel and expenses.

What equipment do you need?

  • PowerPoint projector
  • Large screen
  • Necessary extension cords
  • Microphone for large rooms and groups
  • Table
  • Chair
  • Bottle of water
  • Sometimes an overhead projector helps, depending on the presentation.

How do schools schedule and prepare for a visit?

What do people say about your presentations?

“Anjali Banerjee captivates her audience with tales of her childhood, family, and culture, and describes how these experiences shaped her writing voice and formed her journey to becoming an author. She encourages children to believe in their talents and strengths and to use them to pursue their goals. Her charming and poignant presentation is inspirational for budding authors of all ages!”
—Jane Lopez-Santillana, Children’s Librarian at the Central Branch of the Seattle Public Library

“Anjali was very prepared and professional. She clarified her topic with great examples. Just the right touch of humor relaxed the audience, and the writing exercises were very worthwhile. We’ll be asking her back!”
—Eileen Nicol, board of directors, Field’s End

“I’ve sat through a thousand learning lectures, but none so easily understood and accepted as Anjali’s ideas, techniques and dos and don’ts for writers. Her friendly smiles, easy-to-understand language and casual presentation ended too soon. We all wanted more and more.”
—James M. Adams, author of Escape to Montana and The Greatest Gift

“She not only shared the pain and joy of writing her first novel but advised beginning writers on how to move personal experience from life to the printed page. In my opinion, she’s hit the ball out of the park.”
—Dotty Sohl, author of Hearing Faces (HarperCollins)

“I found your presentation accessible and well-organized, you hit your key points accurately, with excellent examples to illustrate them, and I thought your style was engaging and entertaining.”
—Matt Price, Field’s End Roundtable participant

“Your recent Roundtable presentation impressed me with the same dedication to the craft of writing as is evident in your work, and glowed with the same generous spirit.”
—Michael Donnelly, novelist

“I especially liked that you put us all to work! I think the format worked well, and the information was presented clearly and casually.”
—Jenifer Lawrence, poet

“I was pleased to find that Anjali’s sharp intellect as well as her thoughtful consideration of life, and of others, burn ever brighter as time goes on.”
—Jeff Prothero, private investigator and writing workshop participant

“Anjali had given a lot of thought to her subject and offered it in a meaningful way… The group discussion prompts she handed out encouraged lively interaction.”
—Iola Arthurs, workshop participant

“I learned a lot about what is takes to write a book and the process it takes. I have a newfound respect for authors.”
Lindsay Gates, Alternative High School West, Silverdale, WA

I can provide additional references upon request.